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What is Safe Haven?

Safe Haven is a service commited to making your assets inheritable.

What is a token sale?

A token sale is a crowdfunding for digital currency-related projects. In token sales, purchasers buy units of a new currency in exchange for legal tender or other digital currencies, like Ethereum.

How can I participate in a token sale?

Participating in Safe Haven's token sale will be straightforward. During the coming pre-ico, you can send ETH from your MyEtherWallet to Safe Haven's ETH address and fill in the form so we can check the transaction. Any SHA tokens that you purchase will be delivered to you at the end of the token sale.

How many tokens will be sold in pre-ico?

In this phase of the sale we will sell only 13,000,000 SHA. When this phase ends, Safe Haven will release details of the next phase.

When will I receive my SHA tokens?

All SHA tokens that you purchased will be delivered to you at the end of the token sale when we distribute our tokens to all investors. You will receive them before we start our ico.

How many SHA tokens can I buy in pre-ico?

Individually there is no maximum cap for each person in our pre-ico. When all tokens are sold we will close our pre-ico.

What if I send the ETH to a wrong address?

If you send your ETH to a wrong address you will NOT receive any SHA! Safe Haven is not responsible for any loss or wrong transaction by your side.

When and where will SHA tokens be listed on exchanges?

Will be available on exchanges after the token sale (this includes pre-sale and the 2 ico phases) is complete. Safe Haven can not comment on when exactly and where. Safe Haven will provide the community updates on exchanges as information becomes available.

What are the contributions used for?

The contributions are used for many purposes including development, marketing, and operations. Safe Haven also wants to create a large circle of trust by making the expansion of the Alliance program as large as possible.